Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Know the history and know their size

Most people don't realize that pigs never really quit growing but slow down after reaching about 4 yrs of age. They will grow approximately 50# of their adult weight in the first year; then about 25% for the second and 25% for the third yrs but then will really slow down.

When breeders tell you that they will never be over 35 - 40 lbs, they are selling for the money and not telling the truth. Although breeders have done a great job of breeding them down in size, if you look at our history pages at http://www.farec.org you will find that the first ones that came over and into the United States weighed in excess of 225# when they died. Because of that genetic come into play and size can never be guaranteed. Also the smaller they are as adults, they develop more health issues.

So please do your homework first. Then consider adopting versus buying from a breeder. Rescues will be truthful as they are not in it to make big bucks.


  1. Great picture. I am always amused when people see my pot bellied pigs and say....I thought they were miniature pigs...and then I take them to see my big pigs and they realize that pot bellied pigs ARE miniature pigs. Nowadays people think of miniature as tiny, but when it comes to pigs they just dont seem to realize that an adult pig like my girls weigh anywhere between 900 and 1200lbs, so a pot bellied pig IS minature.

  2. My experience has shown me that ALL pigs are 35 pounds...once. Usually on their way to a much larger size. My sanctuary houses potbellied pigs at weights of up to 300 pounds and farm pigs up to 1500 pounds. All of them started life as Teacup pigs.

  3. This is a wonderful photo to show the truth about pot bellied pigs. Mine weigh in between 60 and 150 depending on which pig you are looking at I have 5 of them. Tara Belle is around 90 lbs which the vet said was perfect for a pot bellied pig :)